Working with Embed in Go 1.16 Version

The new Golang v1.16 embed directive helps us keep a single binary and bundle out static content. This post will cover how to work

Ensuring Data Quality in a Data Lake Environment

The quality of the data we introduce determines the overall reliability of our data lake. And the ingestion stage is a critical point for

Getting Insights from Amazon S3 Inventory

Lists are everywhere. And there’s a good reason for that: lists have an order to them. They reduce our stress by assuring us that

Git-like Operations Over MinIO with lakeFS

lakeFS is an open source tool that delivers resilience and manageability to object-storage based data lakes. lakeFS provides Git-like operations over your MinIO storage

Why Data Versioning as an Infrastructure Matters

The demand for infrastructure that contributes to the collection, storage, and analysis of data is growing with the increasing amounts of data managed by

Loosely Coupled Monolith vs Tightly Coupled Microservices

TL;DR With some thoughtful engineering, we can achieve a lot of the benefits that come with a microservice oriented architecture, while retaining the simplicity


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