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Last updated on November 5, 2023


lakeFS 1.0 is generally available. You can upgrade to this version via the Assets here.

Just over three years ago we publicly released the initial lakeFS. Our mission when we first launched lakeFS was to provide data practitioners with a scalable data version control system that would bring order to the chaos that comes with developing and maintaining data products based on petabytes of data.

lakeFS key capabilities include:

  • lakeFS is the only scalable, high-performance data version control option in the market suitable for enterprise-level data operations. 
  • The open-source technology is highly compatible with the emerging standard for data lake architecture in all its components and effortlessly integrates with any existing data lake.
  • lakeFS enables data professionals to manage data as code and increases the efficiency of data engineers, ML/AI practitioners and analysts throughout the lifecycle of the data. 
  • From raw data pre-processing, through deduplicated and parallel experimentation, to full  reproducibility feature engineering and model training, lakeFS increases data quality and data delivery velocity, while reducing storage costs.

With the release of lakeFS 1.0, we’re addressing more than just a cosmetic change. This version includes important benefits and enhancements guaranteed to anyone running or using lakeFS. In addition to the enhancements, we added some key capabilities and features now available. For a full overview of what you get with lakeFS 1.0, check out our release notes here.

Since our initial launch, we’ve added a wide range of tools and frameworks, including Microsoft Azure, Databricks Unity Catalog, Apache Iceberg, orchestration tools including Apache Airflow, Prefect and Dagster. Forthcoming lakeFS releases are guaranteed to maintain backwards compatibility for the life of the 1.x version, meaning existing code and functionality will continue to be fully operational even as new features are added. 

We want to take this moment to also thank our entire lakeFS community. You are the maintainers, contributors and inspiration behind lakeFS. If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to join our Slack community. We will work continuously to maintain, enhance and improve lakeFS to serve the entire developer community and allow for the best scalable data version control system around!

Ready to try out lakeFS 1.0? Start here!

Some notes on upgrading from lakeFS 0.x

While most of the API hasn’t changed much, there are a few notable API changes between 0.x and 1.x.The migration path is usually pretty simple and not many code changes are required – but please read through the list of breaking changes: lakeFS 1.0 – Code Migration Guide.

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