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Data Engineering People

Data Engineering Conferences 2023

Ankit Srinivas
January 17, 2023

Conferences are back in full steam! 2023 is looking to be another great year for data conferences. This is a great time to learn, network, and engage with like-minded people.  Let’s kick off this list with some of the top Data Engineering Conferences that you will want to attend! Developer Week 2023 Website:  When: …

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Community People

Year in Review: Thanks A-LOTL for an Outstanding 2022

Adi Polak
January 4, 2023

2022 has been an incredible year, in the same way that roller coasters are thrilling. Our industry has seen many shifts and rapid changes – which we experienced together. In 2022, we witnessed how data engineering teams became increasingly central to any data-driven organization. And the growth of more significant roles of Analytics Engineers, ML …

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People Project

Building an Auto-Upgrading lakeFS Environment

Nirav Adunuthula
November 9, 2021

One look at the cheerful aquamarine axolotl resting atop the lakeFS homepage was all it took to assure me that an internship here would make this summer different than any other… This summer I had the opportunity to intern with the amazing developer team at Treeverse and work on the lakeFS project. This opportunity represents an important …

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Why I’m Joining lakeFS

Paul Singman
April 6, 2021

Thoughts on a personal journey into the world of developer advocacy at an open-source data project. In March of 2021, I chose to leave the data team at Equinox Media and join a nascent open-source project lakeFS as the first developer advocate. In this post, I share a few reasons why I’m excited about starting this …

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