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About us

lakeFS is on a mission to simplify the lives of
data engineers, data scientists and analysts
providing a data version control platform at scale.

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We are Treeverse: the company building lakeFS

lakeFS by Treeverse is a startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by some of the most prestigious VCs in the ecosystem. We are a team of passionate data enthusiasts who love all things open source and aim to find creative solutions to big problems. Our biggest asset is our culture, which is based on open-minded teamwork as our top priority.

lakeFS by Treeverse Founders

Why we founded lakeFS

“As data engineers working on tremendous amounts of data, we felt very frustrated that so much of our time was spent on repeating, reactive tasks like: fixing data inconsistencies, rolling back the data to its previous consistent state, and the horrible waste of resources and time by managing numerous clones of the entire data lake. We decided to write an open source solution that would bring a conceptual solution for all of these problems. That’s how lakeFS started and Treeverse was founded.”

Einat Orr and Oz Katz, Founders

The inspiration behind our logo, the axolotl

The axolotl is a species of salamander, also known as the Mexican Lake Monster or the Peter Pan of the animal kingdom.
This magical creature lives in the lake, just like us.

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