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Open Source

$0 / Free forever

Best for teams looking to
speed up development and deployment cycles and do
not need additional features
or customer support.


$2900 / month
Unlimited seats

Best for teams using
managed SaaS solutions and
need RBAC, auditing, SSO, support and managed
garbage collection.


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Best for on-premises teams who need RBAC, SSO and customer support services, and more.

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Open Source

$0 / Free forever

Most Popular

$2900 / month Unlimited seats

Most Popular

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Format-agnostic data version control


Zero Clone copy for isolated environment (via branches)

Atomic Data Promotion (via merges)

Data stays in one place

Configurable Garbage Collection

Data CI/CD using lakeFS hooks

Integrates with your data stack

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Single Sign On (SSO)

SCIM Support

IAM Roles

Mount Capability

Audit Logs

Transactional Mirroring (cross-region mirroring)

Managed Service (auto updates, auto scaling, disaster recovery, etc.)

Managed Garbage Collection

SOC2 Compliant

Support SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cloud providers does lakeFS support?

lakeFS Cloud currently supports AWS, Azure and GCP.

What integrations does lakeFS currently support?

lakeFS is fully compatible with a wide ecosystem of data engineering tools and technologies including Spark, Delta Lake, AWS CLI, Airflow, DuckDB, Python, Kubeflow, Airbyte, dbt, Iceberg, and Kafka. Get a full list of all the lakeFS integrations here.

Does my data stay in place? Will it leave my VPC?

Your data and metadata will always be stored on your VPC. lakeFS manages metadata: Pointers to the locations of the files in your buckets per commit, which also sits inside your buckets.

How can lakeFS connect securely to my data?

You can configure a private link connecting your VPC with lakeFS Cloud, providing private connectivity between your VPC and lakeFS Cloud, without exposing your traffic to the public internet.

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