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Paul Singman
Paul Singman Author

Last updated on June 19, 2023

As a developer advocate, it is my responsibility to ensure that understanding how to use lakeFS is simple for users. To this end I’m excited to announce the initial release of the lakeFS Tutorial Series on Youtube!

For the initial drop there are three videos that cover how to:

  • Install lakeFS locally
  • Create a Repository (and add data to it)
  • Install and use the lakectl command line tool
These videos intentionally compliment the Quickstart section of the documentation to provide some additional explanation.

I hope users of lakeFS find this tutorial series helpful and a useful compliment to awesome blog content we already produce. Note that this is just the beginning of an intentional investment in producing video content about lakeFS and data engineering generally. 

So stay tuned for more coming soon!

Video #1: Install lakeFS Locally

Video #2: Create a Repository

Video #3: Install the lakeFS CLI

If you find these videos useful, please consider subscribing to the channel. Thank you!

To learn more about lakeFS and get involved:

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