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Last updated on June 20, 2023

lakeFS is celebrating its version release 0.100.0!

We’re excited to announce the 0.100.0 version release!

It’s thanks to you, the community that we’ve reached this milestone and:

Managed to run 4,197 commits

From 73 contributors, including (to name a few):

HelloFresh | Volvo | Karius | Atlassian | Lockheed Martin

Let’s celebrate this 0.100.0 release in a BIG way. 

Install the 100th lakeFS v0.100.0 and receive a PS5, 100 free days on lakeFS Cloud, bragging rights and of course, a few lakeFS favorites (stickers, our axolotl mascot , socks and more surprises) 😉

So what’s new in this version?

In this latest release we deepen our linking and shared metadata between Airflow DAG runs and the lakeFS commits that they create for a complete snapshotting and reproducibility experience. The new Airflow operators add formatted metadata to your commits. lakeFS uses this metadata to link to Airflow.

Other highlights from version 0.100.0:

Sample repositories: lakeFS now starts baked in with some sample data. Users have the ability to explore and understand lakeFS’ core features, like creating a branch, reading and writing files, committing and merging quickly, without the need to configure their infrastructure.

In addition, upgrading to this 0.100.0 version will also include other key releases, including:

  • Rich diff capabilities for Delta Lake tables – instead of showing the files that changed, see the actual modifications that were made, including update predicates, schema changes, DDL and more.
  • Support for generating pre-signed URLs – allowing lakeFS users to interact directly with the object store without the actual data going through the lakeFS server while still enjoying lakeFS strong authentication and authorization capabilities.
  • Native Spark integration for Azure Blob Storage – extend the deep integration between lakeFS and Spark to also work on top of Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Huge improvements to lakeFS’ embedded hooks – including full featured Lua scripting, which require no configuration or external services to manage, as well as automate, notifications when hooks fail
  • Many performance and scalability improvements – optimizing the diff, commit and merge flows as well as optimized caching to further improved the already great lakeFS runtime performance

Check out all our release notes here and join the celebration by installing your lakeFS 0.100.0 version (and enter a chance to win!)

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