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Oz Katz is the CTO and Co-founder of lakeFS, an...

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Last updated on January 24, 2024

What if you could manage your data lake just like you manage code? With rollback, versioning, and branching capabilities on top of your existing data lake?

lakeFS is an open-source project that provides a Git-like version control interface for data lakes, with seamless integration to most data tools and frameworks. lakeFS enables you to easily implement parallel pipelines for experimentation, reproducibility, and CI/CD for data.

And now you can start playing around with lakeFS in a fully functional lakeFS environment, with your own data and all the tools that you are already using. Get your isolated environment, integrate it with the tools you use, and see how it works in an environment similar to your own

Please note: playground environments will be deleted after one week.

See these features in action:

One you have experienced the value in lakeFS, go ahead and install lakeFS open source, or sign up for lakeFS Cloud Beta.
And don’t forget to share your feedback with us via our community on Slack or GitHub – this is the best way to let us know if any feature you need is missing!

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