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lakeFS Community

Monday Morning Meetup: Fireside Chat with the Founders

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to data pipelines?

Join us for a live, in-person community event in the heart of NYC as Nick Schrock, Founder & CTO of Dagster and Oz Katz, Co-Founder & CTO of lakeFS share their expert knowledge on how to troubleshoot and reproduce data to ensure only quality data is exposed to production.


Breakfast is included.

What’s on the agenda?


9:30 Meet and greet and most important — eat!

Join us for breakfast and get to know a thriving community of data engineers and ML practitioners.


10:00 Nick and Oz kick off the event

As two leading visionaries who have helped shape the landscape of data engineering, Oz and Nick will share their strategies to streamline data workflows and drive efficiency and reliability.


10:15 Dive into real-life examples

Explore the seamless integration between Dagster and lakeFS and unlock innovative techniques like the pipeline sandbox approach to ensure consistency, reliability, and scalability for your data pipelines. Using real-life examples, Nick and Oz will provide insights on how to manage and orchestrate your data pipelines more efficiently.


11:15 Wrap up

We’ll share our closing thoughts and open the floor for questions and a chance to mingle with the community. Be sure to join this meetup — we look forward to seeing you in person!



Microsoft Reactor Times Square

Enter through the Microsoft Welcome Center (east side of 8th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Street)
Please be sure to bring a valid photo ID.




Nick Schrock

Founder & CTO, Dagster

Oz Katz

Co-Founder & CTO, lakeFS

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