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PrestoCon 2021: The Quick Guide for Running Presto Locally on S3

In this talk Paul willl cover the experience running Presto in a local environment with the ability to query Amazon S3 and other S3 Compatible Systems. He will will explain the components needed and how to configure them. And also provide a dockerized environment on Github viewers could run themselves. Finally Paul walk through an example of running the provided environment and querying a publicly available dataset on S3, so you can see it in action! Running technologies locally is a must for effective debugging, maintaining Ci/CD best practices, and avoiding tricky DevOps reliance.


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Paul Singman

Developer Advocate, Treeverse
Paul is a developer advocate for the lakeFS project, after several years as a Sr. engineer on the analytics team at Equinox Fitness, where he architected and built real-time recommender systems and a serverless data platform. He enjoys helping people understand what’s possible in the data space and what best practices look like. He’s spoken at various conferences and meetups, including the Postgres Conference and AWS re:Invent. He’s also a member of the AWS Community Builders Program. When not working you can find him running, playing golf, and drinking tea.


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