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Case Studies

Case Studies

How Windward Leverages lakeFS for Resilient Data Ingestion

Lior Resisi

Implementing CI/CD-inspired workflows built atop lakeFS operations prevents inconsistent data and brings increased reliability to our analytics platform. This article was originally published in Lior’s Medium Blog. At Windward, our Maritime Artificial Intelligence Analytics (MAIA™️) platform delivers predictive intelligence on global maritime conditions to hundreds of businesses. Customers across different industries — like oil & […]

Case Studies

Improving Our Research Velocity With lakeFS

The lakeFS Team

This post was originally published in the Enigma blog. In every software engineering problem I’ve worked on, I’ve noticed a recurring tension between two highly desirable properties: flexibility and robustness. But in each situation, this tension manifests itself in different ways. At Enigma, our goal is to build a complete set of authoritative profiles of

Case Studies Data Engineering

How Epcor Built CI/CD for Data Pipelines

Stephen Seewald, Raghvendra Verma, Cory Matheson

It is no secret that modern businesses run on big data. If your business was a car, big data would be the engine that powers it. All businesses want to leverage their data to the hilt to make better-informed decisions that accelerate their success. But with the volume, velocity, and variety of data growing exponentially,

Case Studies

How Karius used lakeFS to comply with FDA regulations for the disease diagnostic studies.

Vino SD

A brief study, in collaboration with Karius team, on how lakeFS enabled Karius to run their experimental studies effectively. Karius is a Forbes AI-50 listed life sciences company based in California, that uses genomics and AI to advance infectious disease diagnostics. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms for data-intensive complex genomics analysis in real time.  Karius

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